Procedure for Log Backup

Step 1 : configuration > Alert/Logs/Report > Ftp Log Export > Enable the SErvices

Step 2 : Configuration Tab > Mention the Name

Backup Frequency > Daily
Backup Start /End Time : mention the duration to communication export the log to the FTP server from firewall
Backup file name Prefix : mention the method sytem name/ specific text

Step 3 : Ftp >

Server Ip : Mention the FTP server ip address or domain name
Server Port : Mention the your FTP  server port number mostly it default 21
SSL/TLS : Enable /Disable depends if the ftps have ssl certificate enable it
Server directory : Home directory /specify folder -> mention the where u want to store the Log files
Login id/ Password : provide the credentials for the server directory permission

Procedure for Configuration Backup

Note : This is the Configuration backup we going to see how to export to the ftp server

Step 1 : Administration > Configure Management > Remote Backup > Enable and mention the Name

Step 2 : 
Backup Type : mention the FTP option or Email
Backup Frequency : how many time the backup want to run the schedule Daily or weekly
Time : what time backup want to push to the Server
Name  : Mention the name it will store in ftp server

Step 3 :
provide the Ftp Details as top we can  same like we need to provide the server name , port number and directory want to store and user credentials

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