A virtual LAN is any broadcast domain that is partitioned and isolated in a computer network at the data link layer. LAN is the abbreviation for local area network and in this context virtual refers to a physical object recreated and altered by additional logic.

Use Case Of VLAN

VLAN’s can be used to create broadcast domains which eliminate the need for expensive routers. Periodically, sensitive data may be broadcast on a network. In such cases, placing only those users who can have access to that data on a VLAN can reduce the chances of an outsider gaining access to the data.


Step 1 : Login to the Tacitine. (If you are configuring the Tacitine for the first time, the default Lan IP is and default username : admin & Password : admin99

Step 2 : Click the Configuration > Network Setting  tab.

Step 3 : Click the VLAN  > ADD

Step 4 : Navigate Vlan connection type  > static ip and provide details as your requirement 

Step 5 : Select network zone for publish the Vlan 

Step 6 : Mention the interface which port you want trunk eg : trunk Port – Lan-1 and enter the VLAN Id eg : VLAN ID :500

Step 7 :Dhcp server if you need to you can configure please view in DHCP configure 

Step 8 : Ip Alias if you want publish additional Ip in same Vlan enable .Ip alase is already explain in how to configre the ip Alies 

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