Hotspot User Management is used to Manage all the users Plans , their credintials and login control.

This article explains how to set up User Management and users login control.

  1. Login to the Tacitine. (If you are configuring the Tacitine for the first time, the default Lan IP is and default username : admin & Password : admin99


Step 1 : Click the Configuration > Hotspot   tab

Step 2 : Click the  Postpaid Accounts >  User Manangement > Add > Enable

Step 3 : Give the Username and Password for that user.(if you configure ppoe method these credtintial used for internet access)

Step 4 Validity

  • Specify Expiration Date : You can set the user expiration after the date and time disconnected internet automatically
  • Delete Expired Account : If it is enabled After User account expired it will automatcally deleted the user from user management.
  • Mac Binding : Bind 1-5 MAC Address (Leave Blank to auto fill)
  • Match Ip Address : Mention the ip address of the user. if getting request from mentioned ip it will give internet access automatically for that user as per plan bandwidth
  • Login Control : Match MAC Binding à If Match MAC Binding / MAC Address is Enable When the User Gave the Credential it will check the user system MAC Address As Mentioned in the User management.
  • Match Mac Address : If the Match MAC Address is Enable when user gave the Credential it will check the user system MAC Address is Equal or Not.If its is Equal then give the internet address.
  • Match Multiple IP Address : The User Can Provide Upto 25 entries per Account. If the Match IP Address Is Enable in the Login Control When the User Gave the Credential it will check the user system IP Address What we provide IP in the User management.
  • Match IP and Mac Address : If the Match ip and mac Address enable then it will check MAC Address and  Given IP.
  • Match Multiple IP Address : The User Can Provide multiple address to the particular user. (Upto 25 address able to give  per user Account)
  • Match MAC Binding : Bind Upto 5 MAC.Once it is captured next time if binded mac address come it will Give the internet access automatically.                             
  • Idle Timeout : If it is set as default user is going to idle after 30 minutes of idle.otherwise select no timeout. Ex: Default
  • Bandwidth Priority : By Default tacitine hotspot uses the dynamic bandwidth allocation for all the user. if you want to allocate manually select 100% bandwidth.
  • User Details : Mention the User email address , mobile number , GST number.(Alerts and invoices are going to the user by using these details )

Step 5 : Finally Select Apply to save user account.

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