Tacitine Hotspot server Provides usage and validity alerts to the end customer via email and sms.

This article explains how to configure email and sms settings.

Note : For Sms alerts we need sms gateway details.

Procedure For Email Settings

Step 1 : Goto Configuration > Hotspot tab

2. Click the  Plug ins –>  Email Settings  –> Default

3. Modify the account and enter your email credintial like server name , port , tls mode.

4. Enter your Mail address and its password. (this is the sender address for getting alerts and reports)

5. Click Save > Restart Service (Enable the email alerts in usage plans)

6. Now send test email to check email is going success.

Procedure For SMS Settings


Step 1 :  Goto Configuration > Hotspot tab

2. Click the  Plug ins –>  SMS Gateway  –> Enable

3. Select the sms provider or use custom url for not listed providers.

4. Click Save > Restart Service (Enable the sms alerts in usage plans)

5. Now send test sms to check sms is going success.

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