1.     Login to the Tacitine. (If you are configuring the Tacitine for the first time, the default Lan IP is and default username : admin & Password : admin99
2.     Click the Configuration > User Hotspot tab.
3.     Click the Usage Plans > Add

Note: For the First Time We Need to Create the Plan For users.

4. Mention the Plan Name for Your Reference.

5. Mention the Plan Type as Primary.

6. Mention the Group Membership of the Plan . Eg:Default.

7. Mention the Plan Time Frame. Eg: Default (24*7)

8. Mention the Time Usage Quota. Eg: NO Limit

9. Mention the Data Usage Quota . Eg: No Limit

10. Mention the Upload and Download Bandwidth. Eg: 1024Kbps

11. Mention tha Popup status Window. Eg: Default

12. Click Apply to Complete the Plan Creation.

13. Now Goto Configuration > User Hotspot tab.

14. Click the User Management > Add

15. Mention the User id and Password for Login

16.Mention the first name and lastname for your Reference.(Optional)

17. Mention the Account Reference , Site id , circuit id.(Optional)

18. Mention the Concurrent Login Count.(if we mention 2 it will allow 2 devices at the time for login )

19. Mention the Primary Usage Plan already we have created above otherwise disable it.(Eg : Staff 1 Mbps)

20. Mention the Validity of the User. ( Eg : Unlimited )

21. If You want to bind mac address it will allow upto 5 mac address per user.once mac address binded next time that user was automatically login.

22. Mention the Login control Match Mac Binding and Set Logn method as Automatic.Otherwise Set default.

23. Mention the idle timeout Default.

24. Mention the bandwidth priority as Dynamic.

25. Finally Give the User details for your Reference.(Email address , Address ,Mobile no)

26. Click Apply to save the User Successfully.(Then Connect to the internet give the credential).

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