How to configure the SSL-VPN Client

  1. Login to the Tacitine. (If you are configuring the Tacitine for the first time, the default Lan IP is and default username : admin & Password : admin99
  2. Click the Configuration > VPN   tab.
  3. Click the SSl-VPN client> Add server > Enable
  4. Mention the name and description select the private key type download from the server 
  5. Algorithm and chipser with same as configure in the server and upload the certificate where download from the  server
  6. protcol,Interface and mtu same as in the vpn server 
  7. Mention the HO (vpn server placed wan IP ) in the primary server IP and mention the port number same as in the head office 

8.satus > Vpn server > client status (it will show the client status )

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