The TG-EN6200 Advanced Network Gateway (Firewall / UTM) is the smallest form factor UTM in the market and a revolutionary product designed with world class and cutting edge technology. It is designed keeping in mind the latest security threats which affect modern business organization. TG-EN6200 UTM is special as the security features are same from SOHO to Enterprise segment. The features are grouped in such a way that it will relieve the organization from the pain of network configuration, management and security issues.

TG-EN6200 comes with easy to operate GUI, an on appliance reporting mechanism for the previous 3 months to help customers analyze network utilization and misuse.


HS5200 is the product for ISP (Internet Service Providers), LCO (Local cable operator) & Hotel Segments. Comes with DOT compliance features and address all the current issues ISP/LCO facing with the competitions products.

HS5200 designed exclusively to cater to ISP / LCO requirements and with couple of additional modules to meet the requirements of Hospitality segments.


In today’s world the biggest challenge the distributed enterprises facing is how to interconnect their branches / Franchise locations to Data Center with 100% uptime to access the Application servers (like SAP, Oracle, ERP, CRM etc.) The Virtual Private Network created revolution in last 10 years by brings down the connectivity cost of the distributed organizations. With this solution in place traditional way of P2P or MPLS is not a must requirement for branch connectivity. Tacitine VPN solutions enable both perimeter security and data security has the ability to create VPN over ADSL BB or 3G Data dongles without compromising on the security of the branch network and application data.


The Broadband Aggregator TG-BA2000 increases your Internet bandwidth and lowers your cost by combining multiple ISP connections into one. Your usable bandwidth is the combined total of the separate WAN connections, both upstream and downstream

The BA2000 supports up to 5 WAN connections, with proportional load balancing from 5% to 95%. The BA2000 has automatic failover in the event a WAN connection goes down. In addition, it has a 3G/4G data card connection for further back up.

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