How to configure the SMTP server

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This is used to enable virus and spam filtering on outgoing emails. You must have a Firewall rule that redirects SMTP requests to the port number specified in the SMTP  proxy configuration.

Step 1 : Configuration > Email Security > SMTP proxy > enable the services

Step 2: Listen Port to which the firewall redirects the SMTP requests for spam and virus filtering. You must have a Firewall rule defined and enabled to redirect the SMTP requests to this port. The default port number is 2025.

Step 3: Number of Scanners This number controls a number of processes required to handle client requests. Depending on the number of clients (LAN Hosts), this number needs to be tuned. The default value is 100.

Step 4: Enable the Scan for Virus and Spam service

Step 5: Mention the size Scan Maximum file of Virus and Spam of the outgoing mail