How to configure the Email and SMS Settings

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Tacitine Hotspot server Provides usage and validity alerts to the end customer via email and SMS.

This article explains how to configure email and SMS settings.

Note: For Sms alerts, we need SMS gateway details.

How to configure the Email and SMS Settings

Procedure For Email Settings

Step 1: Go to Configuration > Hotspot tab

2. Click the  Plugins –>  Email Settings  –> Default

3. Modify the account and enter your email credential like server name, port, tls mode.

4. Enter your Mail address and its password. (this is the sender address for getting alerts and reports)

5. Click Save > Restart Service (Enable the email alerts in usage plans)

6. Now send a test email to check email is going success.

Procedure For SMS Settings


Step 1: Goto Configuration > Hotspot tab

2. Click the  Plug ins –>  SMS Gateway  –> Enable

3. Select the SMS provider or use custom URL for not listed providers.

4. Click Save > Restart Service (Enable the SMS alerts in usage plans)

5. Now send test SMS to check SMS is going success.

How to configure the Email and SMS Settings