How to Configure the IP Passthrough

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One of the unique feature EN6200 carries which is used to assign a Public IP directly to a server behind a firewall without compromising the security of the network. For example VoIP or call loggers won’t work behind Firewall via NAT-ed network this feature is very much useful to configure a public IP with Firewall enabled option to protect the network thus meeting the server requirements as well.

Step 1: Login to the Tacitine. (If you are configuring the Tacitine for the first time, the default Lan IP is and default username: admin & Password: admin99

Step 2 :  Click the Configuration > Policy Routing /Load Balancing  > Ip Passthrough  >Enable

Step 3: Enter the Public IP provided by the ISP
Step 4: Select the interface you public IP published and select LAN to interface you connect the server.
Step 5 : If you need to bypass the firewall for that server > enable the service
Step 6: Navigate save > restart services

In both the above condition, No “IP alias” should be configured for the public static IP (to be configured) on the local system.