How to configure the VPN client in Mobile Devices

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Two things we need to configure VPN client in android mobile devices

  • First, we need to Download the client zip file and extract now you will get the .ovpn file.
  • Second thing downloads the password for the same client file.

 Note: From the Software Version 18.4.1 only zip file have .ovpn file. For lower versions, we need to create .ovpn file using zip file.

Step 1: Open the .ovpn file from the zip file and replace the remote IP ( as your VPN server wan IP address also configure port and protocol what you have already configured in the VPN server device.

Step 2: Goto –> Playstore and install the OpenVPN client app.

Link for client app –>

Step 3: After finishing installation open the OpenVPN app

Step 4: Now Click OVPN Profile to select the ovpn file already downloaded from your computer.

Step 5: Allow media access permission for the app needs to access your storage.

Step 6: Now select the .ovpn to file from your storage and click import.

Step 7: Now the file is imported successfully then enter your VPN private key password and Click –> ADD

Step 8: Finally Switch on the connection button to connect your VPN client. Now you have connected to your HO network.