How to configure web security in IP based

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Step 1: Click the Configuration > Web security tab

Step 2: In setting > Enable the service and operation mode > Transparent

Step 3: Configuration > Web Cache > Enable / Disable and mention the size for store

Step 4: Make Firewall internet access control select  Https Access > Tunnel

Step 5: Http proxy bypass there we can mention the three methods with bypass the source IP and MAC address

Step 6: Bypass destination will help to exclude the destination IP from the web security

Step 7: Navigate > Group rules

Step 8: If the IP does not assign any group it user in the Default group -> Edit the Group 2 -> name it

Step 9: in action Tab -> Enable the Show browsing, Enable -> Allow browsing Ip Address, Allow -> Default policy for site not matching

Step 10: Bandwidth Limits we can allocate the bandwidth for  user and Group-wise

Step 11: Restriction we can make time-based, and same time we can limit the download size and upload file size

note: upload file size can restrict in intercept mode only

Step 7: Category Filter – > Blacklist category  is updated from tacitine server if blacklist category drag the blocked side related content is blocked

For Eg: If you want block youtube it is in Audio/video category move that category blocked side the youtube will block

Step 8: Custom List Category we can create our own database list on that we can black or allowed as same as the Blacklist category

For Eg: in your organization in the bank category want to allow only hdfc bank  and Indian bank to access we can create the category

Step 9: Mime-type filter we can able to block the application, image types like Png, jpeg and video category as same we can allow or blocked we configure it

Step 10: File extension filter we can able to block the URL file extension like  7z, Zip, Php, Avi   we can Drag allowed or blocked we configure it

Step 11: we can custom single website want to block or allowed want to mention the website.

for eg: we can give only domain and extension  like

Step 12: After editing the group -> In group rule top we can see the manage IP group -> select the group_name -> edit window appears to enter the IP address want to assign to that group

for eg : we can given IP like (individual) or (range )